Learn how to weave damask

Learn how to weave damask step by step- all you need to know from planning the setup to weaving amazing textiles

In this online course you will learn all about planning, dressing and weaving on a drawloom. You will also learn how to make your own patterns, and how you make (and mount) a single unit harness, which can be combined with the draw shafts.

After this course you will be able to:

  • Planning your setup of your own desire
  • Setting up a complete drawloom with a draw attachment and if you want to, a single unit harness that can be used alone or at the same time as the draw attachment
  • Draw your own patterns, and adjusting patterns to fit your setup
  • Weaving unique products that absolutely no one else has got

The course contains 6 modules, one a week for 6 weeks. They are divided into lessons, presented as a video with PowerPoints, illustrations, pictures and film recordings showing all the steps along the way. You have access to the course for one year, and can watch the videos as many times as you want.

Module 1: What is damask, and how does a drawloom work? You will learn about the damask technique, and the equipment needed for your  loom.

Module 2: Planning and making the warp for damask. You will learn to calculate the ends needed for the warp according to the number of pattern shafts you want, and the width of the warp. You also will learn how to do the warping all by yourself, with no help needed!

Module 3: Heddles, reed and tieups. You will learn a new and easier way to thread the heddles and slaying the reed, and do the tieups. You will also learn about finding and correcting ev. mistakes and adjusting the shed.

Module 4: Mounting the draw attachment and separating the pattern shafts. You will learn to mount the draw attachment, separating and attaching the pattern shafts, and do a test weave. Searching for mistakes, and if there are some, correcting them.

Module 5: Making your own patterns. You will learn to draw your own patterns according to the number of pattern shafts you have. And also adjusting patterns to fit your pattern shafts.

Module 6: Making and mounting a single unit harness. You will learn how to easily make a single unit harness, in combination with the draw attachment, and weaving on it.

You have a 14 days withdrawal period from the day of purchase, you will get your money back without any problems by filling out the form in the first email you get after purchase.

The course will start at Monday March 4th 2024, the membership portal will be opened at 9am GMT, and you will get access according to your time zone.

Last chance for signing up is by midnight Thursday February 29th 2024. Limits of participants: 40

Hope to see you "in class"!

Best regards

Kopi av Din avsnittstekst

author of the book "Weaving Damask"

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Learn how to weave damask

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